Weathermen “Killing White Babies” Video

Weather Underground & White Privilege

From New Zeal comes a video of Doug McAdam discussing the Weather Underground’s attitude towards white people. The post comes from The Legend of Pine Ridge’s discussion of Ward Churchill supposed involvement with the Weathermen.

Does anyone else find it weird this group of middle class white kids had such a hatred for themselves as to advocate the destruction of their own race?


Ward Churchill and the Weathermen Bombers: Was Wardo There, or Was Wardo Square?


The drug guru Timothy Leary once joked, “If you remember the Sixties, you weren’t there.”

My question is, does Ward Churchill remember the Sixties?

Was Wardo a terrorist who taught the Weather Underground how to make bombs; or was Wardo a terrorist wannabe, a poseur who fabricated a legend about his bombmaking days in order to bolster his radical credentials?

On January 18. 1987, The Denver Post published aninterview with Professor Ward Churchill of the University of Colorado.

According to the article (which seems to be based on an interview with Churchill and quotes him directly), after Churchill returned from serving in Vietnam, he began hanging around at the Chicago office of the SDS [Students for a Democratic Society], where “he ran intoBernardine Dohrn, an attractive leader of the Weather Underground, a radical group that favored the bombings of buildings and confrontations with police in their fight against racism, the Vietnam War and the ruling class.”

Churchill claims that he taught the Weathermen how to fire weapons and how to make bombs. The Denver Post quotes Churchill, who taught the Weathermen: “which end does the bullet go, what are the ingredients, how do you time the damned thing.”

Bernardine Dohrn is now married to William Ayers, another member of the Weather Underground. Ayers’ girlfriend in 1970, Diana Oughton, was one of three Weathermen killed on March 6, 1970, when a bomb they were building blew up in a Greenwich Village brownstone.

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